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American Electrical Innovations Ltd. (AEIL) is a locally owned and operated Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services company that prides itself on Quality, Service and Integrity with employee Safety being at the highest level of importance.

Quality to us, means, that we will complete a job to code, within the legal parameters set forth by local, state, federal laws while ensuring that the you, the customer, is satisfied and pleased with the value and condition of tasks performed by our staff.

Service to us, means, that we will always professionally communicate up front, the service that we are offering to you, as our customer. We will thoroughly explain the means in which we will perform the service requested in the most clear and precise way as possible to ensure that you are made aware of any potential problems upon identification. Our goal is to aid you in a feasible, cost effective solution to implement your electrical needs, leaving you satisfied and pleased with our work.

Integrity to us, is our honest, sincere and trustworthy approach to ensure that you receive what you pay for without hidden fees or inferior work being performed. We will never conduct any on-site service without your approval first. We refuse to cut corners to complete a job faster thus potentially jeopardizing your property or our employee’s health and safety. It’s just not worth it to us – no exceptions shall be made.

We expect to maintain a safe work environment for our employees and place human worth at the top of our values list. Safety is paramount in our business and no employee should ever have to worry about going home injured. Therefore, we have adopted strict safety guidelines that exceed the safety protocols of our competitors. We want to do it right and the President of AEIL, along with our staff, will work to remove any and all barriers to ensure we do so.       

We welcome both positive and negative feedback so that we can improve any unsatisfactory element or condition you encounter in doing business with us. We want nothing more than to succeed in our community, lead by example in our industry, and conduct business with you, in a reputable and ethical way.  

Cam Tietz, President and Owner of AEIL                    Robert D. Barton, Safety Manager of AEIL



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